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SwingLifestyle Review 2023

SwingLifestyle Review 2023
About Site
Active Audience 85%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 22-25
Profiles 3 000 000
Reply Rate 92%
Ease of Use 7.9
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Thorough profile pages. What does it mean? When searching for a compatible partner, you get as many details as possible from his profile page, so the chance to miss is very much low.
  • Plain design. One may say this is a pure unadulterated disadvantage. But people do not come for pictures only. They come for a partner with who they can share their most pleasurable moments. So it will be quite easy to navigate the website.
  • Premium version. If you are willing to pay for some marvelous extra features, then SwingLifestyle will give you this opportunity. And you will not be disappointed with what the website has to offer.
  • Affordability. In case you decided to take your chances with getting Premium membership, you will be surprised to find out the price of the subscription. It is way lower than other dating websites offer.
  • Events. Being an online hookup, SwingLifestyle still organizes various local and international events. Baking competitions, knitting club meetings, etc. Just kidding. The network also includes access to holidays organized by Topless Travel, which is a SwingLifestyle travel agency. Different 3-14 day tours with other swingers or Bliss Cruises are available for users of the service.
  • There is no audio or video chat. Unfortunately, this website connects people of the same taste, but going offline is the only option to meet each other. That might be a bit embarrassing, though without a prior meeting via video or at least hear each other’s voice.
  • Too much advertisement. Trying to keep the prices as affordable as possible, the owners of the website have to put the ad on various goods.
  • Membership is not refundable. Sadly, if you do not like what the premium has to offer, you will not be able to get your money back.
  • Some photos have shaded faces. It is a drawback, especially if the appearance matters a lot to you, so you can not fully evaluate what you are signing yourself for.
  • Attention for single swinger males who are reading this SwingLifestyle review now: not all the users’ photos will be visible to you, which is sad, we must say.

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What Is Swinglifestyle Online?

What Is Swinglifestyle Online?

We dedicated our SwingLifestyle review to the website that is the way out when it seems that not many alternatives exist if you are a swinger and looking for someone who would share your interests and preferences. It will be your guide into the world of people who are also in search of the same kind of relationship as you are. Everything is possible with SwingLifestyle. All your sexual fantasies will come true. This dating website was founded in 2001 and ever since has been in great request.

Can Swinglifestyle Be Trusted

Yes, it is absolutely a legit dating website. Thousands of people have made sure by finding partners with various specific requests, so now they can confirm the legitimacy of SwingLifestyle.

Who Are They – Members of the Swinglifestyle Hookup?

In total, there are about 16 million people registered with SwingLifestyle all over the world. The majority of them are of English-speaking countries origins like the United States, the United Kingdom, or Australia. But the users are not limited to the mentioned countries only. There are also plenty of Latin, Asians, and Europeans who visit the website about 5 million times. Other figures show the level of SwingLifestyle popularity: there are almost 5000 visitors at any time available on the website that communicates in more than 300 chat rooms. All of this encourages approximately 7000 new people to join the platform every day. To better understand the members of the website before writing this SwingLifestyle review, we had to sign up myself. A marvelous thing happened to us: one of the couples we were communicating to gave me their Skype username just because they understood how limited the features of the free accounts are. All that proves that people are very straightforward and trustworthy, and most have specific suggestions on their minds.


On SwingLifestyle dating, it doesn’t matter if you are straight, gay, bi-sexual or any other sexual orientation whatsoever. The only thing that matters is your sexuality and desires, that you are looking for on the website.

Age of Swinglifestyle Members

Because there is no misalignment, and there is honesty in matters of sex, the majority of the users that regularly visit the website are about 18-25 years and up. Still, there are also plenty of couples who are quite active in the community. But it doesn’t mean it is impossible to meet someone of a desirable age. Just the chances are a bit lower.

Few Words About Registration and Login the Site

Few Words About Registration and Login the Site

It is a piece of cake to sign up with SwingLifestyle online and will take only a couple minutes of your time but will gift you an eternity of pleasure. But before registering on the website, it is worth remembering that all the new joiners should be at least 18 years old. If you are looking for some unique experience or swinging is already your passion, you should wait until turning 18. The good thing is that both single people and couples can register with SwingLifestyle. To sign up, you need to put a username not taken yet, your email address, and of course, tell a bit about yourself and what you are looking for.

Make a Profile

The more info you provide in your account, the easier and quicker you will be able to find something exciting: whether it will be a couple or some event, it is only up to you. It is also worth mentioning that you don’t need to upload your profile photo. But let’s be honest and realistic: who would pay attention to candy without a sweetie paper? That’s right, not many people. So having a lovely profile picture will increase your chances on the website. Don’t forget to let everyone in the service know what can of adventure are you seeking to find your perfect match as fast as possible, including their sexual fantasies and sexual experiences, and enjoy the best moments. Luckily, you have the opportunity to fill all the information in free form, no checkboxes this time.

Get to Know the Users

When joining the website, a person is likely to have preferable means of communication. However, the most common for everyone is messaging. On SwingLifeStyle members can send direct messages and spend time in the instant messaging chats with other users. People on the website will never get bored or suffer due to a shortage of people and a lack of communication. A significant number of members allow swingers all over to find someone online to talk to at any time. For those interested in knitting, there might be even a club on the site, but at the same time, fans of orgys, threesomes, and other fun stuff will find like-minded people. There is a nice feature on the profile when the user can see the distance to a person.

Which Platforms Can You Use Swinglifestyle

Which Platforms Can You Use Swinglifestyle

You can use SwingLifeStyle on both devices – a computer and your phone. The app is avail-able to download in the App Store and Google Play Market.

Website Version

SwingLifestyle not only a hookup website, but it is a great community for swingers where they can find someone who will understand them, where they share some meaningful information about everything. There is a long list of features on the left from where users can access various functions to help all this happen. We were excited to see and cannot omit that in our SwingLifestyle review that there is a tab for parties that are organized by swingers for swingers, no other dating platform has anything even remotely cool. Among other things in the toolbar, there are erotic stories of various genres, swinger clubs, forums, and so on.

How Convenient Is the App

Now communicating on the go has become more accessible – with the SwingLifestyle mobile app, you can always stay online. Just like the desktop version, the app is understandable and user-friendly enough. It is an excellent alternative for those who either do not want to use the desktop version or wish to have the service at their elbow.

Layout and Usability

As have been mentioned earlier, the design of the website is quite simple and is not over-loaded with unnecessary buttons. There are sound notifications along with a pop-up message that will tell you if someone texted you. All this makes communication fast, and you will not miss anything important. Existing functions in both version – free and premium – are easy to use, and no instructions needed or prior tutorial to use the SwingLifeStyle.

No one can deny the fact that the service is easy to navigate through. In case users are looking for something or someone specific, there is a search that you can enable and sort profiles by various filters, for instance, gender, sexual orientation, location, etc. The majority of the features stay on the left side of the page. Members can open any of the tabs, but the main features will remain on the left so the user could quickly access them.

Swinglifestyle Costs and Prices

Swinglifestyle Costs and Prices

SwingLifestyle offers a free version with the basic set of features as well as there is an option to get a premium membership for some extra money and, of course, get some additional services. If to compare to other providers, the SwingLifestyle price is about average: a one-month subscription costs $14.95, a three-month subscription costs $9.66 per month, and a 12-month subscription costs $5.75 per month. There is also an opportunity to buy a lifetime membership that you will get once you pay $149, but a good thing it is only once. That is a real bargain, considering the uniq ueness of the offer and that for this money you get a lot of experience. This is something that competitors will not give you. Anyway, if you happen using this site quite often and think this is what you have been looking for a long time, then it is better to go with the lifetime membership because for this money you will get much more.

What Do You Get When You Pay

So what can you do with the free version and paid membership? For both free and premium SwingLifestyle users available:

  • searching by various filters and viewing profile is available, group chats;
  • blocking unwanted or annoying members;
  • group chats and different forums where you can come across someone who thinks the same way.
    Once you make up your mind with going with any subscription you will get:
  • the opportunity to view or upload nude photos (for users without membership they are blurred and unavailable);
  • the possibility to download private photos limited to the number of people who can watch them;
  • a chance to approve new members, so, in this way, you can help the website to be a safer and better community for swingers;
  • and the last but not the least – early access to fresh updates before other users will have a chance to try them (this is available only for those who have lifetime member-ship).

How to Pay for Swinglifestyle

There are different options for how a user can pay extra fees. But the most popular are credit cards and online check. If you decide to pay with a check, note that in this case, you will be paying to Dashboardhosting LLC, which is just a formality.

Payment Systems

All the electronic payments will be facilitated with the mediation of a third-party service provider.

Privacy of Data

Privacy of Data

We were looking for regular safety tips and every hookup website post to keep its members safe but did not find any. Although it is worth mentioning that users do not have to show their real names on their profile page, and can choose one of the three different privacy settings which they want to apply to their photos. Also, any letter you receive on the website does not go to your email. Under no circumstances, your email will be available for any of the users. If you care about the security on the SwingLifestyle and interested to meet people who have considered intentions regarding swinging, then you should become an owner of the premium membership. Why? The explanation is quite simple: because those people have the privilege to conceal their profile from free members. That is a handy feature if you want to get to know only people who are serious about swinging. But it does not mean on no account that by making your profile invisible to free members, you will not be able to contact them, it only allows choosing, and if interested, you can start the conversation by yourself. If you have a profile photo where you show a bit more of your body, in other words, nude one, and you possess a premium account, then free members will see them blurred.

Is Swinglifestyle Scam?

From our SwingLifestyle review, you already know it is a legit website, but unfortunately, there is always room for people who do not have the best intentions on their minds. Even though the sign-up process does not require email verification, the staff is trying hard to keep its users safe by checking and approving every single profile picture. They are well-trained to identify fake profiles and do their best not to let the scam happen. The website respects your privacy, and for an extra fee, you can get the most of it by making your profile unavailable for a particular category of users. Also, you can report other users if you have noticed any violation of the terms of use or they are not being, to put it mildly, kind to you, besides you can block the unwanted people as well.

Unique Features

Unique Features

SwingLifestyle dating is not only dating. Not only it provides swingers with possibilities to communicate on the website in the chat rooms, forums, and clubs, but it also encourages people to meet with others by organizing fascinating events and parties.

Hot Date

What is Hot Date? It is a calendar that is available publicly on the site, where you can let every single member know that you are down to meet on a specific day or you can look for someone who would like to go out (or stay in – who knows) when you are available and have some free time. It is a nice feature if you do not want to look through dozens of profiles, but would like to make it quick and fun with other swingers on the website.


SwingLifestyle users have a unique opportunity to get the most of the travel agency, which is called Topless Travel, and for over 15 years has gained loads of experience. It was purposely set up for SwingLifestyle users to satisfy the requirements both in travel and swinging. The most popular kind of tours is week-long cruises to the places to swinger destinations or just a vacation on fancy swinger resorts. But the agency also has to offer a vast amount of things like safari adventures, clubby mini parties and stuff like that.

Swinger Clubs

If you happen to be from the United States and have been looking for a swinger club in your state then on the SwingLifestyle you will find a map with the latest data where you will find the club that caters to the swinger niche. But it is worth adding that all the credit goes to those swingers who took the initiative and posted the information about those clubs along with the rules that exist there. The club is a closed community, and available only to the members and no public places like cinema or bar are allowed, even the sex shops cannot be an exception.

Summing Up

Summing Up

There are not many SwingLifestyle reviews, so we are judging only by what we have seen or experienced by ourselves. The website has much more to offer than just its dating part. It is a real community that connects swingers who are looking for any kind of interaction. It is a place where people do not need to hide their desires or hiding. Parties, cruises, clubs, and other stuff are available for the SwingLifestyle members. The website is not ideal, we would even say far from it, but it has a lot to offer, especially if you have an opportunity to get a premium membership, which is, by the way, absolutely affordable. The number of a user is continuously increasing, so the chances to meet fellow swingers who live next door are very high. If swinging is what you like, this website is worth checking and has something to offer for singles and couples at the same time. We only hope that our SwingLifestyle review will help you to make a step towards it.

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