SeniorPeopleMeet Review 2020

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SeniorPeopleMeet is a niche dating website for people in their 40s and older. Unlike most other dating services that cater to younger demographics and tend to be a bit hectic, this platform creates a safe environment for more mature audiences. Here, it’s possible to find a date, casual friendship, or a pen pal — it all depends on one’s goals with this service. If you do not fall under mainstream online dating demographics (25-34 years old) but are still not ready to give up on your romantic life, SeniorPeopleMeet could be a solid platform for you. Let’s take a closer look at its features to see if this site is truly worth it.

Member Stats & Structure

This site’s main demographics are over forty years old, which is the main perk of this service. When it comes to gender ratio, the proportion is skewed — as is pretty much the case with any other dating site. Ladies’ profiles outnumber men’s by approximately 20%. Still, we believe that SeniorPeopleMeet does offer a good shot at finding good matches — mostly because of its carefully narrowed down demographics.

Given the specifics of this service, the SeniorPeopleMeet user database is not very large. The upside, though, is that their users are pretty active. This website enjoys a total of two million visits a month, and 1.9 million of those come from the US. So, if you are looking for mature dates in the States, SeniorPeopleMeet offers a lot of options to choose from.

Registering with SeniorPeopleMeet

Registering with SeniorPeopleMeet

Creating an account with SeniorPeopleMeet is easy — as it should be, considering that this site’s primary audience is not so tech-savvy as most youngsters. The whole registration process consists of six simple stages (screens), where a new user is asked to include the most relevant information about oneself and one’s expectations from a date. Unlike most other websites, SeniorPeopleMeet does not include any lengthy or complicated questionnaires that annoy or confuse most users.

Creating an account takes up to five minutes (sometimes, even less), after which new members are redirected to their profile tabs. Here, one can take a couple more minutes to fill in any blanks or add more photos. Photo gallery on SeniorPeopleMeet may include up to 30 pictures, even though no one forces you to upload that much content.

Reaching out to other users

Reaching out to other users

SeniorPeopleMeet offers quite a lot of contact options, from letters to chatrooms. However, all meaningful communication means are reserved for paying members. To actively communicate via the platform, users will need to buy premium subscription plans — not unlike on most other dating websites. We will describe SeniorPeopleMeet costs and prices in more detail later. Right now, let’s see what new users can do for free — without committing to full memberships.

One of the first things you’ll want to do with a dating site is to take a look at its user selection. SeniorPeopleMeet does offer such a possibility for free. New non-paying users can make use of the search system and play a couple of interactive games. The first one is “Who do you like?” offering two thumbnails of other users’ profiles. You could choose a profile you like more or skip both of them if none of those singles caught your eye. Another game, “I’m interested,” shows only one profile thumbnail. The logic is quite the same — you can either like or skip that random account.

Besides, SeniorPeopleMeet offers every member 11 matches a day — based on the info and preferences indicated while registering. All in all, SeniorPeopleMeet does provide a good chance to take a look around their user database. But, to engage in meaningful communication, one is still expected to pay. Should you decide to do so somewhere along the road, all notifications will be directed to your email.

Profile Informativeness & Quality

Most profiles on SeniorPeopleMeet include basic information about users — a couple of pics, age, location, hobbies and interests, and so on. Even though this info is enough to get some general idea about prospective matches, one will still need to communicate via the platform to establish a better connection. All in all, SeniorPeopleMeet profiles are detailed enough to pick one’s interest. Any info or pictures you include while registering can be modified later — so, no worries if you did not get it right the first time.

When it comes to profile quality, things are a little more complicated. Site admins check only profile pictures to ensure those are not copyright material taken from the Internet. However, they do nothing else to verify profile authenticity, which sometimes causes specific problems. While picture verification is undoubtedly a good idea, it still does not ensure high protection from fraudulent profiles. And, given platform specifics, there are quite a few of those.

A lot of people do create fake profiles and try to cheat other users into sending them money. So, one should keep a clear head when dating on SeniorPeopleMeet. Even though there are quite a lot of genuine, authentic profiles, the percentage of fake accounts is higher than one would expect. No matter what you hear or read — do not send other users any money, regardless of the pretext. Preferably, report such profiles as suspicious and let site admins look into this issue. Even though there is a “report user” button, most people make use of it only after getting scammed — which is highly unfortunate. So, keep your head clear and your eyes open.

Design, Functionality & App

Site developers clearly took some time working on this platform. SeniorPeopleMeet is incredibly easy to use, which is the whole point of targeting more mature demographics. The colors are unobtrusive, the fonts are quite large, and site navigation is very much intuitive. Everything one may need to be subdivided into specific tabs that are easy to find.

Next, SeniorPeopleMeet has a separate app that follows the same logic as the website. A mobile app does not compromise on any of the desktop features and is also incredibly simple to use. The fonts are as clearly visible, and app navigation is as intuitive. All necessary functions are available in a couple of easy swipes.

Some people may also have a deja-vu feeling when using this site or app. It happens because SeniorPeopleMeet design is very standard, and site developers (People Media) have used the same logic with several other websites they own. Even though SeniorPeopleMeet loses some points in creativity, it gains a lot in terms of simplicity and navigation logic. Every element is easily accessible from the main menu, and the simple fact that this site (and app) are so standard makes them easy to navigate — even for users whose tech skills are not very impressive.

Simply put, SeniorPeopleMeet does offer its main clientele a chance to enjoy their platform without any distractions. Neither the site nor the app has too many flashy interactive elements. Both remain simple, which is very important for this service’s target demographics.

Real Life Review

It may take a while before you find a decent match on this service, but if you are determined and know what you’re looking for, luck will be on your side. Sure, this website offers quite a lot of matches every day, but at first, they either seem not interesting enough or not real enough. I got several requests for money, which I steadily ignored. I even thought about leaving this site for some time, but I am extremely happy I decided against it. After about six months of using their services, I found a special lady I’ve been hoping for. We took things slow, but now, I am preparing for yet another wedding in my life. Yes, this site does have a couple of downsides — but what’s truly important — it works! Keep looking, do not despair, and you will eventually find someone you’ll care about.

Premium Membership Costs & Prices

Premium Membership Costs & Prices

As already mentioned, free members cannot do much on SeniorPeopleMeet. It is possible to create a profile, search for other users, check out their profile descriptions, and read through online dating tips. However, there is nothing more free memberships can offer.

In contrast to that, paying members can send and read messages from other users, start live chats, see who liked their profiles, etc. On top of that, there are a couple of additional perks that may come in handy. For example, it is possible to hire professional internal staff writers to complete your profile info and make it more attractive. It is also possible to boost your account in search results, thus, receiving more attention from the prospective matches. On request, it is even possible to put one’s profile on other people’s lists of preferred and featured matches. Finally, premium members can call other users (without exposing their real phone number) and even send prospective matches virtual gifts to get more attention from singles they fancy.

Given the multitude of services offered by SeniorPeopleMeet, it’s no wonder that this site uses a mixed payment plan. Communication with other users requires a fixed-price subscription. Any off-the-menu perks, including a boost in the search results and virtual gifts, are paid for separately, with virtual coins (purchased for real cash).

The price on these virtual coins remains more or less fixed — $0.05 per credit. Actual service prices will vary depending on what users plan to order. It is also possible to get credits at a bit cheaper cost ($0.04) if you buy them in bulk. Bulk purchases start at 280 a batch.

The cost of communication subscription will vary depending on how long you subscribe. A short, practical trial, the period is one month. It would cost new customers at $31.96. Six-month subscriptions are more budget-wise because their price per month drops to $15.96. You are, however, required to pay for the full period in advance, with a single payment of $95.76.

There is also a value subscription plan that includes unlimited communication with the service and some additional features (profile boost and message read receipts). This plan is only available for six months and costs $119.76 for the whole period.

It is wise to start with the most basic subscription to see if this site works for you. On the other hand, if you are determined to find a mature match, a six-month standard subscription could be a more budget-friendly idea.

Available payment methods include credit card, PayPal, and cheque transfer. First-time members are taxed, but the number of fees should not exceed $3,99.

Few Words on SeniorPeopleMeet Special Features

Of all the extra features offered by SeniorPeopleMeet, one should pay attention to the ConnectMe service. While it does not offer anything revolutionary in terms of technology, it gives a chance to start an online phone call with one’s prospective match. Given the number of fake accounts on the service, this feature is truly attention-worthy. This way, you see that the person you met is a real person.

As for virtual gifts, those could be a nice perk, but they offer little value if you think about it. The PromoteMe feature that boosts your profile in search results could be worth a shot, too. On the other hand, if you want to take things slow and pick your matches independently, the standard search system will do just fine.

Takeaway on SeniorPeopleMeet

On the whole, SeniorPeopleMeet is a solid dating site for people who know what they’re looking for. If you are determined to find a mature match, this site could be one of the few platforms worth trying. On the other hand, do not count on a miracle — it will take some time before you find someone truly special. Similar to traditional, old-fashioned local dating, online relationships take time to progress. Besides, you have to keep some basic safety tips in mind and do not trust everything you see you read. If you keep this info in mind, SeniorPeopleMeet could offer a great shot at finding a mature match of your dreams.