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Coffee Meets Bagel Review 2024

Coffee Meets Bagel Review 2024
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Active Audience 76%
Quality Matches 89%
Popular Age 20-30
Profiles 700 000
Reply Rate 92%
Ease of Use 6.1
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Unlike most of the dating apps like, for example, Tinder, Coffee Meets Bagel Review claims this app has a strict limit of profiles you can like – only five per day. It attracts users who are not just swiping for fun but are searching for the right person, read all the info of the other users carefully.
  • The members’ ratio of Coffee Meets Bagel is 60/40; there are more women than men, so it reduces men’s stress, cause they don’t have to compete that much. And women can relax and choose carefully to be more selective.
  • Coffee Meets Bagel mobile allows you to chat and plan your future activities only for seven days after you got a match. This option helps users to be more proactive and stop wasting time.
  • Coffee Meets Bagel online doesn’t provide enough matching opportunities. Since you will see only a limited number of profiles each day, the number of options is decreasing. For some people, it may be discouraging.
  • Coffee Meets Bagel doesn’t have any desktop version.
  • Some Coffee Meets Bagel users claim the number of people on the app is small, and it limits your search options.

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What Should You Know About Coffee Meets Bagel?

If you have tried everything to find love, do not give up, here is the Coffee Meets Bagel Review, the solution that will take you to the front door of your potential “better half”, every day until you find the right one. Now you can forget about Tinder; you will be better with this app made by women and thought about how women flirt. (And in not receiving explicit photos of a guy you just gave Like). Today you will find out more about Coffee Meets Bagel dating. This dating site that was born as a New York startup and has a unique operation, which has led to success and even managed to raise $ 30 million to continue growing in the USA and more countries. Keep on reading this Coffee Meets Bagel Review.

Is Coffee Meets Bagel a Secured App?

The fact that registration on the Coffee Meets Bagel site is possible only through a Facebook account is encouraging. This means that the scammers have zero chances there. You shouldn’t worry using the app; all profiles belong to real people. Nobody is going to try to steal money from you.

What Is the Members’ Structure on Coffee Meets Bagel?

Even though the founders try to keep their user base as a secret, many surveys say there are 21 million users now in Hong Kong and New York. When Coffee Meets Bagel users were asked about their preferences, the men claimed physical attraction was the most important thing they were searching for, along with common interest. Third place was given to the intellect. For the Coffee Meets Bagel women, the top one trait was absolutely the same, followed by intelligence. They also paid attention to age.

Coffee Meets Bagel Users’ Sexual Orientation

Most of the Coffee Meets Bagel users are heterosexual but there are no limits, and people with all preferences are welcome to use the app. Whether you are gay or transgender, don’t be afraid to try your luck with it.

What Is the Target Demographic on Coffee Meets Bagel?

The target audience of the application seems to be people between 21 and 35 years old. It’s quite selective, and it’s easy to assume that Coffee Meets Bagel concentrates on young professionals.

How Can You Sign up and Start Using Coffee Meets Bagel

This platform uses all your Facebook information (don’t worry, it will never publish it on your timeline or anywhere else) to determine your profile, that is, your tastes. After this, Coffee Meets Bagel will send you every day, at noon, a possible match ac-cording to your profile. From here, you will have a time limit to say “like” or not the match in question. If the answer was “yes, I like it”, you must wait until this match also “likes” your profile. If they liked each other, the rest is history. However, amid this process, Coffee Meets Bagel offers a more social and even entertaining experience. There is an option to buy credits, called beans that work to activate more platform features. Just to name a few, with these credits, a user can return to a “forgotten” match, gain greater visibility so that your profile reaches more potential matches every day, or even go up in the social ranking of your network of friends who are part of Coffee Meets Bagel. Thanks to its spirit more focused on love than sex, Coffee Meets Bagel sounds like a fun option to find a partner online in Coffee Meets Bagel Review.

Create a Profile on Coffee Meets Bagel Fast

Once you install the Coffee Meets Bagel app, click on “Get Started or Log In” to connect via Facebook. The way these two work is the same. However, just like in Facebook, it is necessary to fill in a series of information before registering. Data on religion, ethnicity, height, and personal details about yourself, as well as what you are looking for in a meeting. Through the Coffee Meets Bagel website, it is possible to view a series of information, such as your profile, meeting history, and the store, where the user will be able to acquire a set of new resources. For example, you can unlock mutual friends, the possibility of seeing again a person already suggested, and view your score in the evaluations made by those who have already gone out with you. For this, however, it is necessary to spend money buying “coffee beans”, which are a kind of “virtual currency” in the application. Every day at noon, you will receive a notification of a flirt. So, you have 24 hours to “enjoy” or “spend.” Remember that the suggestion that the Coffee Meets Bagel application offers does not need to be on your Facebook contact list, and you can also be friends with a friend. Remembering that if any of the two do not like the affinities, appearance, or other specifications of the profile, absolutely nothing happens. The suggested meeting will be ignored. So, wait for the next day to find out about the new candidate. In case it happens to the two if they like each other, the Coffee Meets Bagel application sends a message to both. Besides, it offers some offers in a format similar to collective purchasing sites.

What Are The Messaging Options On Coffee Meets Bagel?

Let’s continue with Coffee Meets Bagel Review. Coffee Meets Bagel uses the user’s Facebook information to search for potential suitors. The application therefore focuses on quality rather than quantity. Users receive at least one “match” a day at noon, but they can only contact someone if they put a “Like” on their profile and receive a “Like” from the person, which avoids being approached by anyone. Women will only have a “match” (“bagel” in the app) from men who have already expressed an interest, so as not to waste time on people who are not severe. “Matches” are selected from your friends’ friends on Facebook, so inviting your friends will significantly open up your possibilities. The idea of only offering one “match” per day allows you to take the time to know if you want to chat with a person instead of hovering over dozens of profiles. With each “match” will come the possibility of “liking” or passing. Proposals remain available 24 hours. For security reasons, no one will be able to contact you before you have given the green light, and only your profile photo will be available for everyone to see. Then, the Bagels are put in contact in a private chat room to get to know each other. The application also offers standard questions to avoid uneasy situations. Coffee Meets Bagel also has preselected meeting places for meetings. It is also possible for users to benefit from good plans and offers in the chosen locations. Thus, everything is done to encourage meeting. Registration and use of the application are completely free, but it is possible to make purchases to access specific options such as watching a “match” that we have spent or seeing friends in common.

Making Contact on Coffee Meets Bagel Platform

If, for some reason, the number of guys who liked your pic is less than 6 with which you are presented every day, Coffee Meets Bagel will have matches to offer you, and they will be of high quality. Women are given six matches every day. The Coffee Meets Bagel is not very famous yet, so several matches depends solely on the members’ availability in a specific city. Fun fact, CMB encourages its users to add three tidbits about themselves to their profiles, and this information will appear on their public profile. You can also call them «Icebreakers.» When you connect with someone, these tidbits will be shown in your chat. They were created as a helpful way to boost the conversation flow.

Coffee Meets Bagel Desktop Version

Unfortunately, there is no desktop version of this application. You need a smartphone to check CMB out. But it has its advantages. You can keep on searching for love wherever you go, at any time.

Uniqueness Of Coffee Meets Bagel App

Coffee Meets Bagel is a pun that frames this goal of going from virtual to real very well, and for this reason, its creators decided to baptize their App with this unique name. Your prospects will be called “Bagel” and you will be the Café, because of the nicknames they sound funny to you, perhaps knowing how it works will also attract your attention. Many apps of this style give you the freedom to explore profiles or put thousands of users at your fingertips to decide for them or not, strangers that you could not even have imagined existed and, of course, when determining this becomes very complicated. Coffee Meets Bagel saves you all this lost time, and once a day, it will send you a pairing based on your personality. So that you can have more options to make a real connection. If you have your Facebook account linked, the matches will come with a tendency to be mutual friends, which further improves your chances of meeting someone worthwhile and knowing your friends’ comments about that person. You already noticed that Coffee Meets Bagel has points in its favor.

Design and Usability of Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel website is minimalist when it comes to both functionality or design. The main action always takes place in the App. Wide-screens fans will be satisfied with the main page. There are enlarged photos and videos that will seem very pleasant. The main thing to note is that you will find links for downloads on the main page. But the surprises don’t end there. You will be able to read love stories of a real couple who met on the App. This can motivate any potential member to try her/his luck too.

Coffee Meets Bagel Navigation

p>Coffee Meets Bagel is proud of its quick navigation. The developers did everything to make interaction straightforward. Icebreakers are always there to fasten up the conversation flow with someone you liked. Notifications will be sent to your smart-phone. The chat room is bright. The intuitive layout and fresh design will impress you. Although the Coffee Meets Bagel app is focused on young users, it will be easy to use for every generation. So consider trying it.

Coffee Meets Bagel Pricing Policy

You must be wondering what the price of this application is. The answer is there is no price; it’s free. You can download and install it easily without the need to pay some extra money.

What Are the Benefits of Paid Coffee Meets Bagel Access?

Even though the free version of the app is available, just like its competitors, for ex-ample, Tinder Plus, Coffee Meets Bagel has created a premium service that is paid to provide the users extra features. It doesn’t cost much, $20-$35 per month. And it’s totally worth it. You will get a chance to see as many profiles as you want. They have their currency called «beans,» and you can buy premium subscription only after purchasing the «beans» first. The most active members can earn beans frequently using the app.

Can You Buy a Premium Subscription on Coffee Meets Bagel?

Yes. The prices range here is moderate; a one-month Premium subscription is only $ 34,95. You should also consider buying beans to unlock some exciting features. 100 beans will cost you $ 1,99.

Coffee Meets Bagel Payment Systems

Coffee Meets Bagel doesn’t have an extensive list of payment options, but it won’t overcomplicate things for you. You can choose between PayPal, Credit Card, and mobile phone. You go to the Bean Shop to buy beans or try to do fun, easy tasks (follow the company’s Instagram page or log in frequently). Fun tasks will also allow you to gather more beans; for example, you can invite your friends to try CMB. The Coffee Meets Bagel app premium feature has been established as an anti-ghosting step. By “Ghosting” the CMB creators consider the unexpected disappearance of your match after a short chat. Without any vague excuse or a decent explanation. The Coffee Meets Bagel Premium co-founder assures that they will delete the users who do that regularly. The app is trying to fight ghosting by making all the necessary profile information available. You can see how often a person uses the app, his/her usual response time, etc..

Is Coffee Meets Bagel Safe?

Coffee Meets Bagel hookup site indicates that confidential data, such as credit card numbers and passwords, are safe. Still, they recommend taking additional precautions against any communication that requests personal data or other payments.

Can You Find Scam on Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel states that the app is aiming at maintaining quality, so the developers are continually working on improving security measures. There were not alleged cases of any scammers trying to use the application for their wicked purposes.

Coffee Meets Bagel Special Features

Coffee Meets Bagel is a sophisticated dating application. It has plenty of jargon and many cool features that it will be hard for you to choose. Fortunately, here is the complete list of options available for your practicality in this Coffee Meets Bagel Review.


At noon each day, males get 21 matches, quality-named “Bagels.” Guys have only 24 hours to decide whether to like some of them or no. Coffee Meets Bagel is curating the best possible matches for girls among the male users who have shown interest .6 matches with the guys who like them will then be available for women. In case there are not enough matches, Coffee Meets Bagel will show daily matches that females may like or move on. Females have absolute power of who they are going to chat with.


Coffee Meets Bagel provides users with the Discover feature to allow them to explore more matches in their region. Some of them may not coincide with your actual interest, unlike Daily matches chosen with the help of a specific algorithm. You should use your beans to take the match by clicking on the heart icon. If you find someone you like, of course. You can also become a matchmaker for some time and recommend some person to a friend. There is an arrow icon for that.


You can be the matcher for your friends with the Give feature. Giving your friends a previous regular match or a match on your Discover would mean that they will get a match too. You win free beans when your friends test the match that you gave them. Using the Give function, you can earn up to 300 beans daily per buddy.


The Take feature helps you to optimize your access to matches that do not fulfill your requirements. In the following days, when you take a match that you received in the Discovery list, your profile will appear with a note that you have liked this profile in their Discovery section. They just have to like you back, and it’s solved.


Sending a woo will let users know you’re very interested in them, just like in the case of a “Super Like.” Woo helps you be original and makes your match notice you sooner. You’ll have to pay Beans for Woos and what kind of person wouldn’t like to see someone putting extra effort for him/her?

Photo Lab

Photo Lab will let you be the best version of yourself. This Coffee Meets Bagel feature will help you conduct an A/B test on any two photos you have in your profile. The app users will vote for the one they prefer. Beans will unlock those results. If you vote for someone’s photos, you can earn Beans instead.

Open Sesame

Open Sesame will provide a list of mutual Facebook friends you and your Coffee Meets Bagel match have.


If your Coffee Meets Bagel match did not respond on time and you lost him/her, you can use Rematch. This feature will allow you to send a message to this person once again.

Mirror Mirror

If you want to see your ranking on the Coffee Meets Bagel app, then Mirror Mirror is a perfect option. You will see a unique chart and get to know how your profile is trending this week.

Express Delivery

If you pay 50 Beans for this feature, you will be able to send a message to someone in advance. Your match will get a notification that somebody used Express Delivery, and having checked your Coffee Meets Bagel profile, will read these messages.

Question of the Day

Question of the day This Coffee Meets Bagel service allows users to record their answers to daily questions that are up to eight seconds long every day. These can be found in the app’s video section, and other users will have a chance to hear them.


As this Coffee Meets Bagel Review shows, it is not just another online dating service that appears on the market. The idea is interesting; the visual is pleasant, and using it is very simple. Visually and in terms of functionality, its concept pleases, and there is not much that could be added to it. There are even ways to refer friends and get discounts when buying new features. In terms of performance, which is the main thing of Coffee Meets Bagel Review, the app is also very inspiring in its evaluations. For those who are looking for a meeting with particular urgency, it will be worth dedicating your time to the Coffee Meets Bagel installation process.

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