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EliteSingles Review 2024

EliteSingles Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 91%
Quality Matches 76%
Popular Age 30-55
Profiles 1 540 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 8.8
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The set of matches that results from your search are greatly influenced by the personality test taken.
  • An impressive 82% of EliteSingles members are graduates from recognized universities.
  • The profile verification is done manually.
  • Privileged to receiving results of the long filled personality test.
  • Profiles of users are quite comprehended, and they highlight comparisons to be identified by users.
  • The privacy that is issued, verification process, and filtering options are of top quality.
  • Presence of an excellent customer service.
  • Has a record of 2000 relationships born every month.
  • The registration process is very lengthy.
  • Most of the things you can do require paying for an upgrade.
  • It's not suitable for groups that seek just a casual hookup.
  • The free package has no searching feature.

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A Background Check on EliteSingles

You are in your thirties or forties or even fifties, very successful, having a great career, a large pay, and a reputation to back them up. However, you’ve got no partner, no kids, maybe just a dog to keep you company, having those long cold nights and only a single full plate in your finely crafted dining table. So one lonely night, you grab your laptop and decide, ‘Oh, well, let me ask Google about it’. As results pop up one after the other, you notice something that captivates you – EliteSingles review.

This EliteSingles review will tell you about the reputation the site has as the destination educated persons run to for love, and indeed the claims are true. A product of David Khalil and his team, EliteSingles serves as an online dating platform for professionals seeking a partner to settle down with. This brand from Spark Networks SE chose a specific target market that people often assume that they can handle themselves – what can’t the educated ones do? It’s hard to find love – to a large number (just for the record). Excellent features make it stand out; you better read on to find out.

How Genuine is EliteSingles?

How Genuine is EliteSingles?

Many defensive points can be generated to claim it is very much legit. First of all, the privacy policy that’s practiced is harsh and preserves someone’s private matters if preferred so. The verification process also comes in handy to ensure any ghost accounts and fake profiles do not make up the member count. The fact that upgrading should come at an early stage would discourage the fraudsters if they had bad intentions for any user.

The Member’s Nature and Composition

A fairly good sign is that an increase of users through to 2020 has been noticed, as EliteSingles reviews show. However, figures recorded are moderately low if compared to other leading dating platforms. The current number of users all over is about 13 million, and 5 million of them come from the US. Numerous members are well educated. You’ll be impressed by how most of the members are active, with most of them are from the UK, the US, and Canada as they cause some traffic. The site gets close to a million active members each week. In terms of distribution, there is a balance between male and female, each hitting the 50% equal share of the total population of members – this boosts the chances of an individual getting a perfect match, thus the great performance.

Talk on Sexuality and Gender-Based Considerations

So, for what the site offers, there is a perfect balance in terms of the ratio for men to women. Nonetheless, it is not written anywhere that they each should pick one and go. The site offers different types of approaches, and the LGBTQ community is also included in the mix. So a man may look for a woman, but a man might look for a fellow man – that is allowed although most of the successful relationships have been heterosexual.

The Age Distribution

Claims are that 90% of its members are over the age of 30. With this claim in mind, let’s break down the statistics. The highest number of men is between the bracket of 25-34 years of age and probably the largest group in all the users. As for female users, most of them lie between the 35-44 years old range and almost an equal or slightly lower number from the 45-54 years age bracket. The gents have their figures skyrocket from the 18-24 years group to the largest (as mentioned earlier) and diminish evenly until the 55+ group. However, ladies have the younger group 18-34 having fewer members, but crossing to the 35+ mark sees a significant number of them looking for partners.

Process of Registering for EliteSingles and How to Log In

Process of Registering for EliteSingles and How to Log In

The registration process might take you around half an hour since a lot is demanded of you, especially from a test. So the procedure will kick off with the basics, including your sex plus the gender you seek for a partner. You will further provide a valid email address plus the password you’ll be using; then you move to the next step. You will proceed to a detailed personality test that was developed by psychologists to analyze some traits. The questionnaire is meant to test you from 5 different sections, namely: openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. These sections make up a total of 115 questions that you are required to give answers to.

The openness part tends to find out from you, whether you are welcoming to new obstacles and your thoughts on theoretical assumptions and concepts. The conscientiousness section challenges you on your punctuality, the value of time and takes on deadlines provided for particular tasks assigned. As for the extraversion sections, the kind of questions you’ll get there will say a lot about you regarding your preference for company and attention. It will tell if you prefer doing stuff and staying alone or you’re outgoing and a team person, or generally, you are the one who stands out and outspoken. The agreeableness section will bring out the caring part of you, how you like to contribute to people’s lives, and your general concern about them. The neuroticism section tackles your take and responses to situations; how easy you are to anger. How you react when you get paranoid and level of worry on things.

It is important to try and answer the questions honestly and with many considerations because if you mess up, then it’ll affect the results of your matches. You may end up getting a different person from what you expected. When it comes to logging in, your email address and passwords are enough to let you in your account.

How to Set up Your Profile

One of the unique features that make EliteSingles stand out is the fact that it does part of the profile filling for you. EliteSingles reviews confirm that the test you take during the signing up process will help to fill in some of the profile slots. Information, like how you interact with the public, how you perform under pressure, and how punctual you are, also assist during the matching process. As much as a lot can be taken from your questionnaire results, there are some bits of information that you can include afterward in this section.

First, you can begin by adding more photos, choosing the best ones for that matter. Answering questions based on likes and dislikes responses can follow – this can only be done via the website. There are additional questions that can be answered, including your taste in music, preference in sport, how a great day to you would look like, and writing down a brief short bio that will complement your personality profile.

How to Make Contact and Start a Conversation

There are several ways to approach this. The contact can either be one way or another, but most of the latter will require the purchase of a premium package. The different ways you can engage include liking and commenting on other users’ photos – be sure to give cool and honest compliments. If you find a match that you are interested in, then you can choose to send a wink to them. There is also an option of emailing fellow users, which is the other way meaning you can send one, it’ll be read and replied to. Such a feature requires paid subscriptions; if you are sent one and haven’t subscribed to any premium package, you can go as far as reading but can’t reply. You can also search by specifics and be able to highlight and prioritize users you are interested in for easy communication. There is a ‘have you met’ feature that works like the one for swiping; you either wink or X for this one.

On What Platforms Can You Use EliteSingles?

On What Platforms Can You Use EliteSingles?

EliteSingles reviews present you with comfortable info in terms of using the service. Whether you have a tablet, a mobile phone, or a laptop, you can freely enjoy this online dating site. If you like the chilled way where you switch on your laptop and sit on the couch, then the desktop approach would be ideal for you. But if you are always up and down, then you might want to consider getting the app.

Using the Desktop Version

Other than having a bigger screen view, there are other advantages you can get for operating from your laptop. Issues like enjoying specific communication features, faster search results, and having a bigger keyboard to work with, really make it convenient. The navigation gets easy as well since you’re moving your mouse pointer to different sections.

What You’ll Get in the App

Getting the app will be an advantage considering you will be able to carry your conversations with you and to make contact with a match you are interested in ASAP. Aside from that, the app doesn’t take much of your space, and also, while downloading it, you can carry on with reading several EliteSingles reviews from former users to get the tips on the do and don’ts. The app is well designed, and it makes using it much easier and convenient. It has almost all the featured accessible from the website. The app makes viewing of messages and results of matches quite easy. You can also get the app both in the Google Play or the Apple Store, and it is compatible with many devices, not forgetting that it is also free.

About the Site’s Design and Usability

The developers of this platform did quite a commendable job on it. The app is clean, simple enough, and easy to go through the features and services. The style is quite modern and appealing to the viewer. It doesn’t need any special computer skills to navigate the site, and the look is convincing to the target market as professionals would hardly be involved with not quality services. The way the layouts are and labeling make it avoid any confusion.

Using the site and application is very simple because the sections are well labeled, and not many subsections are there to give you a hard time trying to find a specific thing. Every direction is well indicated, preventing any upset to a particular user.

The Costs and Prices of Premium Packages

The Costs and Prices of Premium Packages

At some point, especially if you intend to push the communications further, you will need to get an upgrade. So you need to know what is offered and the prices that come along. There are three options to choose from in the premium services; the Light, Classic, and Comfort that are a matter of period to enjoy the premium features. As for the prices, it will cost you $58 per month for 3 months totaling to $174 for the Light package. The Classic package will go for $270, which is $45 each month for 6 months, and the Comfort package is paid for $384 annually that is $32 per month for a year. You can also purchase redeemable coins to be used for little adjustments like stickers and winks. The EliteSingles review suggests that compared to other online dating apps, they are slightly expensive. The fact that there is no smaller period for an upgrade is somehow not appealing.

The Differences between Free and Paid-For Subscriptions

There are a couple of things that you might enjoy while still on the basic free subscription, but at some point, upgrading will come across. So what’s in for you?

  • Registering as a user;
  • Chance to take part in a personality test and see the results;
  • You can upload photos in your profile;
  • Matches will come your way each day;
  • Sending smiles and winks is allowed

When you decide to dig in your pockets, then there are several additives that you’ll receive, including:

  • Very detailed explanations of the result gotten from the personality test;
  • You will access the ability to receive matches from users on premium subscriptions;
  • You’ll be capable of seeing who has viewed your profile;
  • You can start or continue with conversations;
  • You can access the photos on other people’s accounts;
  • You will be able to write comments.

How You Can Make Your Payments

The only two means you can be able to purchase your upgrade is via your PayPal account or by paying with your credit card.

Payment Systems

The policy here is once you have made payments, there are no refunds to be done if you choose to change your mind after. Furthermore, the amounts are to be paid in full, no installments.

Privacy Policies and Security Issues

EliteSingles reviews confirm that the site is a secured website (by COMODO), and important info like the numbers of credit cards are encrypted. They protect the information of users using firewalls. There are automatic filters that block offensive messages sent to a user. Anyone, if convinced, may report an account for whatever offense made.

Is EliteSingles a Scam?

Is EliteSingles a Scam?

No! Profiles of inactive members and those of mischievous behaviors are immediately terminated from the site.

Is It Unique for Its Features?

Several EliteSingles reviews claim that success reflects the uniqueness in operations that the site offers. The outstanding features the EliteSingles give to the customers include:

  • Presence of a personality test and analysis;
  • Recommendations on matches;
  • An advanced kind of a search;
  • ‘Have you met?’ feature;
  • Wildcard matches;
  • Having a list of favorites;
  • There is an EliteSingles magazine;
  • An active blog.



The journey is never over for professionals to find love. But to be sure of positive results landing yourself on a site like EliteSingles will increase your hopes and boost your chances of getting a partner, you have been waiting for long. Considering upgrading will put you in a better position, and you might find yourself among those 2000 couples who are made monthly.

Holding that thought, do you want an educated partner? Have you tried EliteSingles? If so, how was your experience? If not, would you take that initiative? Leave a comment!

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