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Mingle 2 Review 2022

Mingle 2 Review 2022
About Site
Active Audience 66%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 20-25
Profiles 2 000 000
Reply Rate 92%
Ease of Use 6.8
Popularity 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Free registration and membership is the key point.
  • High versatility, meaning the opportunity to outreach a partner for a variety of purposes.
  • The geo covers many countries to choose a single from any location of the world.
  • No major security issues.
  • One can make adjustments to allow a specific range of contacts.
  • It’s possible to visit a forum or use live chat to know your potential partner better.
  • Not an ad-free resource.
  • The information in the profiles is just basic.
  • Lack of support section.
  • Special features are paid.
  • Fake profiles are present but it’s a cost of the website’s topic rather than its flaw.

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What Is Mingle 2 – Mission and Statement

The Mingle 2 review deals with one of the modern dating services that make our lives brighter and help to find partners for various types of relationships. It is a popular dating site with 39 million members. It’s a rapidly growing resource featuring 639,302 new members monthly, The following Mingle 2 review reveals its strengths and weaknesses to decide whether it is worthy to join.

Being available from both computers/laptops and mobile devices, it makes messaging and interaction a breeze. The service came into existence in 2008 by the name of JustSayHi. Today, it is holding down the fort and continues to bring lonely hearts together.

They form couples through mutual matching or the traditional search route. Their mission is to make online dating less frustrating and more available for any person, That’s why Mingle 2 is free and, according to the members’ reviews, it features a “clever and brilliant” “mutual match facility”. Regardless of the positive testimonials, this platform cannot boast of the top (it ranks 148th among dating sites) but it still has its community that is satisfied with the service. Some people are complaining about fake profiles and scammers but that happens even on paid sites.

Mingle 2 Review

Is Mingle 2 a Reputable Resource?

The Mingle 2 review cannot overlook some juridical issues. To settle the nerves of the vigilant audience, let’s disclose that the platform is completely legal. It operates within a law, meaning that adults only register their profiles. The moderators block profiles that demonstrate any form of harassment or offensive behavior. They also remove images or recordings that contain libelous, slanderous, abusive or defamatory statements.

The Mingle 2 dating service features the SSL encryption trying to protect your privacy while online sessions. However, the platform cannot provide the members with the security or privacy of the information they share through the Internet in their messages, emails, and other channels of communication.

As on Facebook and other reputable social media platforms, one can block anyone, he/she doesn’t want to interact with. Certainly, Mingle 2 is not responsible for fake profiles that you can face during your search. Scammers are active even on the paid dating resources.

Plenty of ads on the website increases the risk of malware and other troubles but it’s quite simple to escape them. Just escape clicking malicious ads and links to keep your online presence safe.

Community to Join – Amount and Features

Community to Join – Amount and Features

The dating service claims that there are almost 40M members on the website. However, they maintain silence about the active-to-passive profile ratio. The truth is that nobody removes inactive profiles and thus, they add scores to the stats. However, there are 150,000 of American users generally, and 60,000 weekly active members on average. There are 60% of males and 40% of females on the platform.

The website allows making a search based on many criteria – interests, sexual orientations, etc. The service makes it possible to choose the desired ethnicity but not the nationality of residence. For example, you can filter “Asian dating” but not a single from a specific country. Other filters to consider:

  • Marital status.
  • Sexual orientation.
  • Age bracket.
  • Religious affiliation.
  • BBW dating.

Speaking about the location in our Mingle 2 review, the choice is rather limited, as it’s possible to identify profiles only from the USA, Canada, the UK, and Australia. Besides, you can opt for either local or international singles. The members can select soul mates by their height and body types. The advanced search options include the number of current children or children wanted, drinking and smoking habits, as well as some other nuances that tell about character, lifestyle, and personality. It should be noted that existing filters are quite enough to meet people’s tastes and requirements.

The quality of members features diversity, as the website doesn’t have any strict formats or demands for textual or visual information. You’ll have a clearer interface while further communication and messaging.

The results of your Mingle 2 online search are visible in a collage, where you can see the nominator’s name, age, photos, and status. The interface implies the option either to like the profile at once or to open it to see the full information. The latter allows learning a bit more about your potential partner.

Sexual Idenity

Mingle 2 is tolerant and loyal towards both straights and the LGBTI community. That’s why it’s easy to find out gay profiles on the website. Nothing surprising since the platform aims to expand its target audience. Thus, one can outreach gay and lesbian personals and build the relationships based on mutual interests and similarities rather than on gender.

There is no need to worry about the lack of LGBTI persons on the Mingle 2 hookup website. Certainly, there are not myriads of them on the platform, but they are quite enough to make your choice wide and variable.

Sexual Idenity

Members of the Platform – Average Age and Ratio

Reading the Mingle 2 review, one would like to know about the range of ages, of course. You can find a soul mate that starts from 18 years old. Speaking about categories, milfs, matures, and seniors are available. Considering the stats, pay attention to the numbers below:

  • 18–24 years old – near 10%.
  • 25–34 y. o. – up to 20%.
  • 34–44 y. o. – around 10%.
  • 45–54 y. o. – around 10%.
  • 55 y. o. – also 10%.

As you can see, the members of the website are represented in almost equal parts. It opens good prospects for matching a partner for either active entertainment or calm get-together, sex or family, etc. If you are young but want your partner to be more experienced, the website makes it easy to find such a “mentor”.

Registration and Signing in

The registration on the website is free. You don’t have to fill in the multiple fields of the application form with tons of personal information. Just basic data is required. The website claims it takes half a minute to succeed with signup. It’s necessary to point out the following details:

  • Email address.
  • Date of birth.
  • Your sex.
  • Who you are looking for in terms of gender.
  • Country of residence.
  • ZIP/Postal code.

It’s also possible to register on Mingle 2 through your account on Facebook instead of email. The application features multiple-choice fields in the form that exclude the occasional mistakes completely. That’s why the whole process is fast and straightforward.

Consider displaying valid information to ensure accurate matches and your partner’s trust during further communication. If you want to make your partner’s better acquaintance, make your profile as real as possible. Bear in mind that no form of authenticity verification is designed meaning that true information and real images are your responsibility. Such an approach makes the website unobtrusive and proves its loyalty. On the other hand, it leaves room for maneuvers for scammers and fake profiles.

To activate your profile, it’s necessary to add a photo (the account won’t be active with no image) during the registration and you are free to display more photos later. Once you’ve registered, the algorithm redirects you to your account page. It’s the space where you can view all your match suggestions.

Profile Creation and Activation

Profile Creation and Activation

The Mingle 2 profiles don’t contain essential details about the personality by still, it’s deeper than swiping apps have. Since it’s rather superficial, a member can create it in a couple of minutes. The profile is conventionally divided into two parts – formal information and features that indicated personality. What exactly should you write about?

  • Gender.
  • Location.
  • Body type.
  • Children.
  • Drink habits.
  • Ethnicity.
  • Sex orientation.
  • “About me” data.
  • Interests.
  • Things you’re interested in your partner.
  • Marital status.
  • Profession.
  • Religion.
  • Whether you smoke or not.
  • How many children you want your partner to have?

The profile automatically activates and you can start messaging once you’ve completed it. One of the greatest advantages of your account is the opportunity to add an unlimited number of photos. Just remember, that there is no option to delete your account. It’s possible to deactivate it, but all your data leaves on the Web. So, if you reconsider, just enter your login and password to be active again.

How to Get and Send Messages

Messaging is the most crucial option of all the dating platforms where people even pay money for such an opportunity. Thankfully, it is free on Mingle 2. Besides the process covers all the members of the website. If you are a newcomer, consider the tips and hints on your account page to find the profiles that are ready to chat.

Note that the user can see only active (completed profiles) in the search, meaning that if you missed a field to fill it in with the relevant information, nobody can outreach you. If visualization is crucial for you, set the option to see only profiles with photos. Some people are shy and place images that hide their true faces. So, the lack of photos doesn’t always imply a scammer.

As a member of the community, you can send free symbols that express your emotions and desires – winks, nudges, kisses, hugs, or even kicks in the butt to other users.

Note that all your messages are valid for 30 days only and then the system removes them completely. It is about first-contact limits that free users face on the website. However, they can continue messaging with singles they’ve contacted before. The paid Mingle Plus plan makes it possible to escape these limits.

Web Site’s Versions to Use

Certainly, the Mingle 2 review cannot ignore high-tech features. The platform keeps pace with time being available from multiple OSs. One can use their Windows-based personal computers and laptops or start messaging from Android and iOS devices using Mingle 2 mobile app. Let’s see the functionality of each version of the dating website.

Web Site’s Versions to Use

Desktop Version

The desktop version of Mingle 2 features fast loading and full functionality. It has the structure on a landing page but it still has numerous sections. You can read the blog to ready stories for inspiration and relax, to know more about relationships or to see tips for parents, for example.

Mobile Application

Mingle 2 developed the mobile app to provide messaging when the user is in motion. One can download the app from either Google Play or the App Store and use it free. Note that profiles are visible at the top of the search results and they look the same as on the desktop version. It complicates finding new matches a bit but still, the chat system is more user-friendly as opposite to the site.

The eternal problem of free apps is relevant to Mingle 2 as well, meaning tons of annoying ads on the screen. So, that’s the way you pay free usage of the website.

Is the Layout Friendly Enough?

The Mingle 2 platform features plain and mostly two-colored design to keep the visitors’ attention focused on the content rather than on the website’s “interior”. The main picture on top of the homepage is outdated and it looks cheap. It would be great to see a slider or at least an informative banner with some special offer, key advantages or something like this.

Navigation on Mingle 2 is clear but links to browse singles by interest look chaotic making visitors exert themselves to choose the right option. It would be great to structure them according to more parent categories. The key information is on the homepage that’s why the user doesn’t have to look through numerous sections to see the stats, reviews, categories, members online, etc.

How much is Mingle 2?

How much is Mingle 2?

Mingle 2 is free but it comes with a paid plan – Mingle Plus that implies three types of subscription. You can pay 3, 6, or 12 months of your membership. How much will it cost you?

  • 3 months – $9.95/mo. ($29.85 totally).
  • 6 months–$7.95/mo. ($47.70 totally).
  • 12 months – $5.95/mo. ($71.40 per year).

It’s not too expensive at a glance but in fact, Mingle 2 is upper-moderate compared to other dating platforms.

Premium Membership vs Free Access

What can you do free on the website? You have an opportunity to register and create a profile as well as to see other users’ reviews on your account page. The list of your friends is also always visible and besides, you can outreach the numerous profiles without limitations including photos and data they contain.

A free subscription allows watching users that have viewed your profile, as well as adding new friends and creating the list of favorites. It’s also possible to see several profiles at the same time and respond either negatively or positively in search of a mutual match. You can send symbolic images free, send messages, and get them from other users.

Free features of Mingle 2 sound great making it surprising to know about paid options. And now, apparently, what else do you need to be happy? Let’s see what the user should pay for:

See the people that like you within the Mutual Match option.

Browse the profiles while maintaining anonymity.

See whether the addressee has read the message.

Store messages forever.

Increase the visibility of your profile (it will be on top of the search).

Upgrade your plan to grab all these options if you are interested in such extras.

Premium Membership vs Free Access

Methods of Payment

If you opted for Minge 2 paid subscription, it’s necessary to contribute the payment via PayPal. Currently. It’s the only way of transferring money and it’s not a big deal. Due to PayPal, the user keeps his/her credit card information private, uses the iPhone if desired, and makes all the transactions commission-free.

Payment Gateways

The payment process on Mingle 2 is a breeze if you follow the steps listed below:

  • Visit the PayPal platform and login.
  • Click the “Pay or Send Money” button from your account overview page.
  • Select the option to pay for goods and services.
  • Point out how much money you’d like to send.
  • Choose the bank account you want to use to withdraw money (it’s possible to link several credit cards or bank accounts to your PayPal).
  • Press the “Send Money Now” button.

Discrete Dating or Trap?

The website is completely safe, as it is legit and has an SSL-protection. However, full security depends on the user’s behavior on the platform. To keep the account safe, it’s crucial to avoid clicking the ads and be cautious when you share personal information with other users. In the case of being hacked or attacked with malware and other grosses, just check your computer and launch anti-virus software, as the problem might appear from outside.

Discrete Dating or Trap?

What about Scammers?

The scam is always possible on a free dating website since people in search of their soul mates are quite vulnerable to fraud. The administration of the website cannot cope with them completely despite their efforts to track and block fake accounts. However, on Mingle 2 blog, they offer tips and recommendations that help recognize and escape scammers.

Interesting Features

This dating platform doesn’t focus on tons of specialties and novelties and offers only the Mutual Match feature. It is about a straightforward matching algorithm where random profile recommendations follow your presence. Three options – Yes, No, and Maybe – are at your disposal. If you opt for “yes” on another user’s profile, he or she gets the notification that someone would like to contact them. However, the system still hides your personality. If the user of your interest responds in kind, both of you will see the names of each other and get the “match” notification. At the same time, you can continue to chat with other singles.


To finish the Mingle 2 review and summarize all the information mentioned above, it’s important to underline that this dating platform is completely legal. Some security issues are typical for the majority of other free websites. The variety of profiles is seamless and allows choosing the appropriate partner without a problem. Mingle 2 doesn’t future crazy daily traffic but the members are quite enough to ensure matches.

Both the desktop website and mobile app need improvements in terms of design but they are easy to navigate and this is a key point. A paid subscription is not outstanding but has quite a large audience and we hope to see more special features and offers in the future. In summary, Mingle 2 is an average free dating service to have fun or even to find your soul mate forever.

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